Gurnani Fassarar Indian Hausa

  GURNANI 1&2  (Sultan)

Hansa'u slept half-time, but sleep was stolen by a thief, but all my senses were aroused. Mumy and her husband were in the room, but all of a sudden her attention was focused on her daughter, which was especially frightening to Hansa'u. Even when she woke up, she did not wake up until she had finished all the household chores and then she got up to pray home.

 He came out of the room where Mumy was sitting and sat with the pull of his body, the fetus today did not like what he was doing to her so she put her face together and pulled away from him a little, a thunderclap lifted Mumy said Okay My son, my body is a lion. Can you tell me if you are tired of me? My body is so cold. Mumy shook her head and said," Excuse me, son of God, today I am not feeling well. "

 Stared got up and went back to her room. All this was in front of Hansau's eyes. The fetus appears less wrinkled as additional fat deposits form beneath the skin. He puts on his clothes and comes out or the place where Mumy is giving him is gone.

 Today, Hansa'u, since she woke up feeling very uncomfortable, so she finished her meal and went to bed. Neither she nor Mumy followed her. Today, her master is angry with her. Bashi did not return home until 10pm, even though Hansa'u was asleep. Mumy was only two-eyed because her mind refused to go to bed because she had never been to bed before.

 She saw him put a piece of string in her heart and then she got up and kissed him and held his hand like a little boy, the water mixed with him after bathing and she brought him food she cooked for him which tasted like mushroom, his stomach opened and then When he was full, he went to bed, and his sleeping bag came to him. She apologized for what she had done to him, but he did not pay any attention to her. a sleeping thief steals her.

 Even today he let sleep snatch them away and slowly got up and went to where Hansa was lying, he picked up a bottle and started rubbing something on her body and then he started to touch every part of her body, Slowly he managed to take off her shirt, at one point he stared at the wealth of her flocks, and without wasting any time he reached for his mouth and began sucking. In her sleep, she began to feel strange, in a state of agitation.

 Feeling this, he hurried back to the room, picked up the lamp and lit it, just as Mumy got up in a panic, and she and Hansa came to Hansa'u and said, "Where is he?" Her body began to shake, she could not speak but gestured, got up, looked at him and came back saying that he did not see anything.

 Mumy's heart sank and she pulled her body to calm her down and began to pray for her son and now she looked like Hansa'u was dreaming. She wasted no time in getting her sleep done again. Mumy saw this and got up and went back to her husband.

 She was asleep and was slowly moving due to a rash on her forehead at the same time.

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