Kashedi Fassarar Indian Hausa


Aysha Slowly she closed the windows and turned around to look at the big clock on the wall. Falling on the edge of the bed, she lowered her voice and said, "Rain? Not today pls" She opened the door and quickly turned around. 

  Standing in the doorway she said "Make sure you put on your sweaters, pray and go to bed and then in the morning!" It was all right. The mother turned and went out. She looked at the clock again. It was half past seven. Her cell phone rang and she straightened up. On the other hand, it was said, Don't tell me you don't drink water?" No, you don't know me. 

She interrupted and said, No, you're not fair to me. It's already dark. Just sneak out. Come out now. No one knows. "Alright let me try to do that, see you coming," she said, and she hung up the phone. She walked out of her room, followed the corridor and looked at the bright light. She glanced out of her mother's bedroom. The parlor lights were turned off. She went to the kitchen. 

She slammed the door behind her. She pushed open slowly without closing it. She was walking for a long time when there was no one but the light, so she reached the main street and found a line and fell For her, it was just that her face was falling apart because she had never touched what she had done before. Today, her friend has put her away. A large house in spite of the water that was being pumped in. It did not stop the sound of music rising in the house. "Ohh babe am happy you came to take off our rain coat for us, you are already missing" she dropped her hat and said "But I never knew the birthday would be like this, it's just disorganized.

She interrupted and said," Nothing is disorganized. The shop is her beautiful body she let go of her long hair her friend killed her eyes she said “Waow b esty you are beautiful i can see your boo too "" She smiled and said "Uhm" her hand was red and they ended up at the birthday party. scattering them in the smoke everywhere, she was not comfortable with anything you did not know, and in her mind she thought she could continue to associate with Clara, she was rough, she didn't do it for ten minutes. 
 No one came back and said, "Hi babe how are you doing? "Pls may I know you futher?" Shaking her head, she said, "Noo," and Clara straightened up. He followed her and looked at her. The malt snuffed out his phone and quickly pressed it. It didn't take long for her to come back. She put down the meat sticks in her hand and the cake. 

 The woman didn't say anything to him either. After about ten minutes she started to fall asleep. She straightened up and said, "Excuse me." He straightened up and said, "Ohh no probs, are you home?" She glanced at him and said, "Ehh." He said, "Well, let's go and get rid of you and drop you off. That's my duty here." "Ehh am feeling sleepy" she said looking at the guy she then smiled she said "Toh shknn take her home directly plss Sam" He said "Alryt" she quickly pointed to the door feeling like she was turning to her, they went out and grabbed her hand They went to his car, the morning when the water stopped a little and it rained, he opened the front door and she got in and he pulled the car out and they left, not far off he parked and said "Baby where is your house" she looked at him sexy eyez Her hand said Tarauni.

He grabbed her hand and said "Ohh that's very farrr" she said nothing. His body was rubbing her face once he started to push his hand over her shirt he calmed the car seat loudly she said "Stop itt ...." So much so that his eyes didn't blink. Mi said "baby ...." A slap was dropped on him. She opened the car and got out. He rolled his eyes and put his hand on his cheek. He was following her, they were so far away, Taji couldn't keep up with the speed, in front of a house she spotted a man standing backing flowers the dog wire in his ear, she gasped and ended up next to him her dancing body said "Help plsss .... "Silently, she saw the chewing gum in one of her hands. She turned around quickly. She let go of the chewing gum. She screamed just as Sam finished. 

 He left his car, and she preferred that she had the same hand on the man. She tried to grab her hand, but she could not. She looked at him from the top to the bottom with her big eyes. "Please excuse me" fixgota did just that his face said "What's the matter with you?" His sweet-smelling perfume, mixed with the smell of tobacco, was enough, waiting for her answer. Her dancing mouth said, "My beautiful birthday is coming." He looked her up and down and said, "Have you been raped?" With tears streaming down her cheeks, she said nothing. "If I had known where you came from, I would have let him hope for your life. When he looked at her for almost a day, he saw that she was standing. 

Two young men saw her standing in front of her, although there was no light. She turned around and changed direction. He rolled his eyes before stopping until they reached the car and he was able to pull her from where he was even though his father was far away. He turned around and went back to his car. He hurriedly got in and took one hundred and sixty minutes and followed them. He could hardly catch them. The accident hit his car and he didn't even listen to it. He opened the backseat of the car and tore it open. They covered it with a cloth. He pulled the car over, walked a long way before he parked on the side of the road. He turned around and looked at her head upside down. He quickly opened the backseat and lifted her head to see her come back. 

He rolled his eyes and got into the car. He quickly closed the door and lifted himself up. her face, her eyes wide with lashes as if they had been planted, her nose long She slowly lowered her eyes to her small pink and black lips, lifted her head and calmed her down. He opened his eyes and hurriedly opened the car. He got in and stood up. He reached out his hand to her nose. He tied his head and began to blow her air. For about seven minutes, a sneezing father stood up and quickly pulled back his handkerchief. He wiped his mouth and face. She slowly opened her eyes and straightened up. She just stared at him, got down from the chair and held him. She said, "Stay still, teacher.

Harara's father looked at her as if she were looking at him and said "Someone came out for a birthday party?" She barely opened her eyes and stared at him. Her dancing voice said, "Take me home pls my head hurts ..." Tsaki Yaja threw his handcuffs out and went back to the front seat. "Where is your house?" In a shrill voice she told him, the song was over and he followed her so that he could no longer hear the sound of her cries, parked like he was instructed to do so, then began to reverse until he reached a large pharmacy that passed by, opened the car door and came out He got in, opened the car, and got out of the car. 

 He threw her in the driver's seat, woke up the car and left. She directed him until they reached their house. He turned around and looked at her in amazement. He frowned and said, "Here is the solution for the sake of Allah and Islam!" She looked at him with wide eyes and then she got out of the car and fell down, but that didn't mean anything. She lined up for the gate, nodded and reversed. Without letting go of her mother's voice, she threw down her drugs and fell on the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

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