Tabbatacce Fassarar Indian Hausa

  TABBATACCE 1&2  (Sultan)

Abbas Since he was two months old, Abbas stopped living in my house and stopped caring for me. He had nothing to do with Abbas except to give me food. He finished building a house and recruited men and women to work there. He stopped everything and went back there. sleeping with her did not bother her.

 Seeing that he had enough money, he went as far as he could. Every town heard that a new barracks had been opened and Abbas came to visit it. If anyone has ever slept with her, children are brought to him by two girls who take the name of the girls, Abbas whether he goes to bed or not he has coconuts that bring him girls to his resting place, every day Abbas always has More than two girls because he can shed how much a son has a woman, if he sees her body and dances with his desire to reach them, is all this what his parents are aware of, the day I wake up and hear rumors- I washed my feet and told his parents about the situation. They said he wanted me to do it. I gave him the money to go and find a wife for him. I came home feeling very bad.

 I continued to live with Abbas until I gave birth to three children with him. I was always in pain. Everyone who looked at me knew that I was in distress, but my parents never said anything to me. I had a severe heart attack. I did not go to bed until one morning. I was sitting. The children were out of school. A group of people came to the door of my house. When I came back, I said, "Here I am." They said, "Good morning." I said, "Good morning." unwa.

 To cut a long story short, Abbas is always on the move, so I decided to leave him alone and ask him to let me go. I had to go through a lot of hardships before he gave me the children. Although my parents didn't care at that time, they told me to accept my children, but Abbas refused to give them to me. I was sent a message that my children had died in a car accident. They said that they would go to school with no one to cross them. They crossed the road on their own. Unfortunately, God is back to her daughter Eve, and there is no long time between the death of my children and Babu, and that is why high blood pressure should be there even in the morning.

  I was very upset and sad. Later I came and started a business. I put Hauwa in school and even if the school gave them their own money, Hauwa. In the meantime, my husband got married and he agreed to marry me and her daughter.

 I told you, dear Eve, everyone should hate children, but then, since Eve grew up, the boys' room, the old men's longo, were touching her body and wasting money. When I heard the news, I told my husband that there was a boy who wanted I got married and we got married, but I didn't survive. It was six o'clock and she let her body beat behind her back and so on until she started to fall asleep.

 He didn't tell them to put his things back home, the day Mumy herself tied the knot and cooked him whatever she wanted.

 After the evening prayer, there was a stream of water and they quickly fell asleep.

 The night went on and Mumy's husband got up slowly until he came to the parlor. The dust on Hansa'u's bed was over. the parts of her body.

 In her sleep she began to feel a new sensation and began to give signs that she would wake up, but she did not open her eyes, and the sleep did not let her go, he went back and did not stop moving his hand into her body, and pleasantly put their mouths together. he started trying to put his hand in her pant, in her sleep something hot hit her, one time she woke up holding the connection and made a loud cry, Wayyo Mumy quail !!!.

 The room was so dark for him before Mumy woke him up that he seemed to be coming out of the room where Mumy was saying, Where is Hansa'u.

 It was Mumy who came out and turned on the light. She turned to Hansa'u and said, "Where did he not do anything to you?" He quickly told Mumy to go and look. He went out and looked at his face and came back and said that he did not see anything. Hansa'u Mumy's beautifully filtered,

 "Are you telling me the truth? Did you dream?"

 Since Mumy didn't speak, he said, "It's not a dream come true, so get up and go to bed at night." He said this out loud.

 Mumy was upset but still she had no choice but to remove Hansa from her body and follow her husband into the room. Soon after their entry, the taji began to shout as usual.

 The head and legs began to cry.

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