daba daba fassarar Indian Hausa 2022

  DABA-DABA 1&2 Story

Khalid leaned against the door facing his father, Alhaji Abbas, and for about five minutes he knocked quietly on the door. Seeing that the door was not open, he leaned against it. Aunty Salma came out and opened the front door. Seeing Khalid standing in the doorway made me smile. At first she opened the door wide for him and he entered. My child, good to you today, right? 

Where can I get my in-laws?   At the beginning he was asked the following questions. Aunty, you are guarding me by asking where your mother-in-law, your mother-in-law is, or I am not even coming out. Tab!  

Did you say goodbye to her and come out?  Do you want lfy? Good morning, Aunty. I want to see you in the morning. Alhaji, I can see you before he leaves. Alaji woke up in the morning and went to Alhaji Bukar's house. Last night he was called home. His stomach ached at night. So they took him to the hospital at night. But they did not stay overnight. nasa Ya Salam!  Aikuwa let intashi inbisu inga his body. Let me check on Hajiya and then move on. Aunty Natafi, quickly got up and left the room. He went straight to his mother's house, Hajiya Jiddah, where he was greeted by a lame man. At eleven o'clock in the morning, the clock in the main room rang, and it sounded like SUHAIMA had woken up from her slumber since yesterday.  the bathroom stuck in her master's bedroom.   She washed herself, put on a long robe and offered the morning prayer. She did not stop praying for a long time. She boiled the tea in a saucepan, fried an egg yolk and picked up the tea and headed for her flat to have breakfast. At about one o'clock in the afternoon, there was a knock on the door of her apartment. Dan, wearing handkerchief, went to open the door. She opened her eyes and looked down at her fiancée. 

You are beautiful and kind. You can come to my house only on the phone or on a chart. Nabila laughed. Goodbye OR yesterday we had a long conversation with you. Hmm! You know it. Arise, feed me; I am hungry.  Hungry? Send me a cup of tea and I'll finish it, or go to the kitchen and cook. This is your house, my friend.  Nabila, on the other hand, could not help but look at her in amazement, so now that I have come to my house, I have been sent to the kitchen to cook.  Now my husband, did you give him a cup of tea to go out?  If you don't have tea, what will I give you?  I was always asleep and he came out. I don't know if he broke or not.  Nabila throws a tantrum at her, but you are so stupid that your husband is going to go out and lie down and lose weight. Remember you are a bride or you have not been covered for a month. drunkenness in your marriage.   

You have surprised me so much that your studies have been in vain. you're waiting.  Suhaima raised her hand in annoyance and said, We'd better haven't had a cup for a long time. I'm married and I don't want to rest. What's the use of marriage? I'm married. We want to rest, but Sam, I can't do the housework. You know, or mumy don't know takeyi. Nabila, frustrated that she didn't speak, took off her veil and went into the kitchen. She ran into a washing machine. The kitchen was tired do fes and she gave them food and drink. After the meal was over, they sat down and talked for a long time. It was almost five o'clock when Nabila left for home. 

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