The Beautiful Story on Indian Hausa 2022

 They were sitting on the throne of His Highness King Qaseem, Areef put his head on the feet of his father, Princess Shuwa Momyn Areef was next to the King, fixing his spear, Inibi was handing it to him. The king slapped Areef's head and said, "Prince, what do you want to say to me?

 Areef sat up and took a drink, so his friend said, Abba is right about Baffa's words. The King smiled and said that the Prince wanted to know how he was doing, and we will have the opportunity to investigate the big problem that caused him to get into this situation. But Abba, don't you see that he can go to the place of the formation of the lfyrshi since there are more tools for us?

 It's the same with the Prince, but there is no way I'm with Yaya. If he can do anything in his life, my biggest concern is those hypocritical women of his, I still don't talk to them. The princess said, "That's right, majesty, why don't you give us some proof to show us that they are the cause of everything happening in this house, like you said, let's continue to pray, we will do that, we hope that God will make the Fulani and its contents go back to what they are, so they are alive, and in the womb." good health.

   The king said yes. Areef looked at him and said, Prince, now you can't study and you will start working. Do you think you have to join the ranks of adults? He laid his head on the Princess's lap and closed his eyes, silently ignoring anything. The princess said, "The prince hears you keep quiet, why are you hiding our daughter-in-law from us?" He smiled so much that even his dimples were visible, and he said, "Mommy, don't talk about this, now don't look at the woman I want." The king said that he should send the Prince to search for her, the country will not welcome you like this, the safety of the kingdom is not here, please stay like this, as long as Yaya is safe, he has to come and see you among the children of the other kingdoms. women.

 Areef laughed and said, "Oh, Abba, I'm going to get married, I don't want a daughter of the royal family, I want to find a woman who doesn't rise up in the royal family, and I want a woman who will join our parents' lives, as time goes by, I will find someone who is good, my heart is close to her.

 The princess and the king met him, and the king said, oh prince, if you have a dream, then let it be, there is no way in this kingdom, let a foreigner come to us, it must be a royal daughter, you see how Momynka and I came out of the royal house, our blood is against He was full of royalties, and now you are starting to come to us with another issue. Thank God Yaya beda lfy, maybe my sword will take the pain of this speech of yours.

 Even though one wife married the 2nd and the 3rd did not come from the royal family, but everyone apologized to him, his 2nd wife, everyone in the family knows how to marry her, and the 3rd also has to be married to her, as the main part one came between them, after this there was nothing to stop Yaya from marrying a woman who was not raised in the royal family.

 The princess said, "May God bless your soul, sir, I don't want your soul to be upset about this matter, what we have never done to the Prince in this house, say today that you are talking to him with your mouth, because the Prince is disobeying all our orders. worry, and who does not care about it, don't forget to spoil our life for the sake of love, son of God, don't let the pain of the heart break your heart. The king caught Areef whose eyes were red with anger.

 He laid him on top of his leg and rubbed his head and said, "I don't mean to hurt you, come on, I'm just wishing you good night, it's our kingdom's business, I don't want to let this bad day happen to us." Tears fell from Areef's eyes, full of worry, the princess came close to him and said, look at what happened to him, when did the prince cry in this house? I think since he was a child, she pulled him and placed him on her leg and said, "That's enough, my prince, because your father loves you, he doesn't want your heart to be sad like that. The king said that's enough, you should talk softly, but you should think about it."

 Areef blinked, he was saying that there is a big job ahead of me, and the truth is, I will never change my mind, I don't need a princess, even though we don't have the one I want, but I will find it soon, I know they love me, I have to They will let me get married, my love. But I have to tell Momy this day, it's their opinion.

 Anesa and the emirate of King Qaseem, it is a small house, it is beautiful, although it is small, but we have built it with many features. He is an old man, white, he came out of the house. When you see him, you will know that he is not of Baha'i origin, he looks more like the kind of Arabs who left their hometown and came to Nigeria and settled here.

 From afar, he saw the king's palaces coming, he smiled, in his fluent Hausa, he said that this is the job, he always comes to call me, and now he can get me my daughter, and what's in it. The ball of data is a spear that makes the hand tear. When they arrived at his place, he slowly answered them. One of the nobles said, Goodbye and rest in peace, Father.

 Bafaden smiled and said, "Yes, Father, it is the King." He said, "Let's bring you food." He smiled and said, that's great, thank you. The ambassador said, "Father, let us go, it is not easy because of God's grace, we hope that God will show us where the princess is or we will find everyone's mind to rest." Baba said to pray, always remember her, because now in my heart I can't believe that Rayhana is the king's family, and I can't believe that she is not alive. They said, "Amen, Father, please bring the food inside for you." He said, "Thank you." The servants are already cooking the food.

 It was the ambassador who was clapping Salam to the side of the Princess of the Great House, from where the ambassador came to us, and she said, "Excuse me, are you awake or asleep, may God bless you, the great princess of the king, may God bless you with good health and a long day, may God bless you in your days, you are a great woman." agurin Sarki, everyone who comes here praises you. From the other side, Princess Me Daki was throwing her arms around hearing what she was saying to her opponent.

 The Princess of the Great House smiled and pointed at her, she sat down and looked at the Princess and said, "I salute you. She smiled and said hello Jakadiya, from the sight of your mouth there is something to say, what are you doing?

    It's a big news coming to me and Princess. I was about to pass by King Qaseem's room, he was talking as if he was fighting, so I quickly picked up a broom as if I was sweeping, so I hid my face, so as not to be seen, since I was working for them, I did not want to give orders. the work........ here at eight, she told them everything she heard.

 The Princess of the Big House sat up and said, "I am really pleased with this news about you, Ambassador, so you have such a gift." The next day Jakadiya said thank you Princess, God bless you. But what kind of advice do you think we should take so that we can use this opportunity?

 She straightened up and said, since the King has declared the Prince's betrayal and brought him a foreigner, why not kill one of the women of your royal family in this house? The Princess smiled and said, "That's Medaki. Do you think Princess Shuwa will let the Prince want another date from my side?" Most people know that we have not seen a snake with her, so this proposal was not accepted. Ambassador bring us a solution.

 Medaki didn't feel that she should accept her advice, she could, since she is not strong in the family, we have to fight. The ambassador said that the Princess, when you visit the house, you should follow the owners, because they will never accept anything that comes from your place, like we did in the beginning and now this should be done. The princess smiled beautifully and said, "That's how much I love you, Ambassador." God bless you.

 Prince Areef is lying in his bed, and his friend Haisam is talking. Haisam said, Prince, does something bother you? Areef smiled and said, "Just take care of Man, because yesterday Abba and Mommy almost had high blood pressure." Haisam laughed and said, "Uhmm, I know you're kidding, how Abba and Momy love you, they can make you angry, but they are still a child, you're not old enough to ride on your lap." Areef said that I don't want any harm, if some people ask you to climb on my lap, they will hug me and hug me.

 They laughed, Areef said, Man, it's not a joke, what kind of dream do I have for the woman I want to marry? He said yes, yes, yesterday, the people who are my wife's name are looking for me, and they shut me up with a fight, the bottom line is that mommy and Abba are all the same, and I know this is what they said with all their heart. Haisam said don't worry, you don't even have a wife, why am I worried?

 Areef said, You have to regret it, why are you crying? Haisam said what I want from you, prayer, will you continue as it is the solution, I don't want you to marry the woman of the royal family, the wife and the royal family, they are not capable, I want you to go abroad and marry someone else, that will give you peace of mind. Areef said that I also listen to them, my son is the one I want, that's why I keep quiet, but every time I get it, I can't obey everyone here. Haisam said, "Let's go and visit Baba Umma. We haven't been here for 2 days. Areef wakes up and says that he also despises me. He doesn't feel sorry for me. A man came to town with his family, but now he's gone. The wife died and the daughter and no one knows what's going on." . Let's go back, the minister's son is telling us that tomorrow we will go back and say Abba send us. Haisam said, you are gsky, I want to go to Darazo too, they went out laughing.

 The next morning they took the road of Bochu, from there they went to Darazo, they were with Princess Shuwa's ambassador, her son is also from their hometown, that's why their daughter wanted to stay for 2 days. King Fulani. After greeting each other, they read the King's message, the teacher said that we are here today and we are praying, but there is nothing to show us that she is alive, we always see that she is alive, and I am worried. God is the knower of the unseen, and we know the best of all. We will continue to pray, until God gives us peace.

     The water of prayer, in praise of the Old King, they thanked him, the Waziri made the palace bring in the goods and brought them with them. Waziri said then we will go back. The teacher said it was good, he looked at Jakadiya and said, 'Why is Jakadiya here? Let the music be left for us for 2 days, right?' She said yes, Sir, it's right that I came to your place. He said that he had to go inside. She got up and said, God bless the prince. He said that he will come back.

     After breakfast, an old man came and said he wanted to see the teacher, the teacher said to come with him, after kissing the teacher, the teacher said, "Father, what is going on with you?" The old man said that there is a word that is coming to me, I want to come and get your position as the main teacher here, although I am not in the city, but I have your story, I am the owner of the CEMETERY located outside the city. There is a strange thing that bothers me, which has been happening for a long time, over 18 years, to a woman and her daughter. The teacher said, "Baba, I am asking you to tell me about what I know. at Hausa Channel - Indian Hausa 2022 Fassara

    Come and see how everything is. Thank you for your love.

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