Harsashi Sabuwar fassarar sultan Indiyan


 Kidaure ki tsaya ku Kalli video tundaga farko har zuwa karshe, Domin Saikun Saka Makullin Sirrin Daidai Kafin Yabude muku wajen yin Download.

Muna Godiya da kasancewa damu akodayaushe.

Anisa stood up and looked at the place where he was speaking for about ten minutes. Hajiya knocked on the gate and the guard opened it to greet her and then she entered the house in the living room and found her mother watching the evening news. 

She said,  Daughter, are you back? She sat next to the mother's feet and said, Mother, I will give money to the taxi driver. Looking at her, the mother was surprised and said, And the taxi driver? Mami said he was going somewhere else, so I told him to let me take a taxi she just took out money from her bag and handed it to her and said "give it to him" she stood up and left the hall in the parking space, the window of the car closed her mouth and she walked towards the gate. He greeted the taxi driver and went to the house. She went to the door of the living room and met Almustapha

 Mom's voice stopped from going up the stairs and she said, Come here, Afra. She slowly walked until she reached near the mother's leg and sat down on the floor. Mom said, What happened to Afra in the taxi? When he was silent, the mother said, "I was just sleeping and he was asked to wake me up in a taxi? Before he spoke, Afra said, Mami, I was looking at my excuses, and I said, 'What is he going to do? I don't know what it is. He stopped and said she was going to get into a taxi. He said that he was looking at her. 

 Almustapha said I know you're lost, you're not just your dog, but you're going to be like that. He said, I know, who is she? Mami said, I will tell you who Afra is, but not now, he has not given me a single promise. He raised his head and Kali, Mami said, "what kind of promise? Mami was looking at the foot of the stairs, knowing that she was looking at him. She said to him, I want you to marry Afra. He looked shocked. His mother's heart was pounding and I was trying to get him to open his mouth.

  I told Anisa that you should marry African and marrying African will prevent you from marrying Anisa? So let me tell you that we are about to get married. He didn't listen to him, he was walking through the door to his room, he was walking on his bed, he was like Kansas, he was telling him that he was going to take it off. he will understand her and let him go and make her stand up and walk out the door from his room.

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