incredible story of Nigerian northerner

 Incredible Story of Someone in Northern Part of Nigeria (Adamawa State)

A very Incredible and Sad Story If you hears something about this story you will be interested in studying life, the Hausas say "Don't do Something is wrong with a stupid person".

 Below is the picture of him. in the business in Madagali town of Adamawa State in Nigeria but he doesn't have his own.

 A resident of Adamawa state, Alhaji Yaro Gulak, posted on his Facebook page that recently the owner of the business that Buba Gabon was sending received his goods after he found out that Buba Gobon

is a member of the PDP party, he wants the PDP party, because he wants to Atiku then confiscated his deeds. One of the debtors is looking for a salad bowl, and by using it, he gets the basic necessities of life.

 Those who published the news reported that a politician in the town, Maliki Madagali's son, Alhaji Dauda Saidu, has now given Gabon a new bag and bags with the cost of N82,000.

 What is the essence of politics to twist someone and in the future please? You should mind your own, should oppose politics for her own person. You don't have to have mutual opinions because you are APC, but you also have to do APC because you are not your servant.

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